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Massage & Spa Services

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Enhance your vacation with a scalp massage, facial treatment, or salon experience.

Natural and immersive, the spa at UNICO is simply a delight. At present (2022), the spa charges only a 20% fee of services incurred in the spa. This means you a get a deep discount off normal prices. Go once, go twice, or even three times.

You'll find plenty to choose from on their menu.

Welcome to Esencia Wellness.

This is the ultimate place to relax after a hot day in the sun.

“UNICO 2087 Spa allows you to hand pick your own essential oils and mix up soaking bath scrubs to take home, all as a part of your experience there.”

Body Wraps - Facials - Volcanic Stone Massage. All available at UNICO 2087 Spa.

Deep tissue massages are exceptional here, along with hair and nail treatments.

A deep plunge pool creates ambience in between spa sessions.

What are you waiting for? Contact Amy today to book your dream vacation. 806-773-2203


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