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All-Inclusive Eats & Drinks: UNICO Overview

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Culinary delight awaits at UNICO 2087 Riviera Maya, one of Mexico's top All-Inclusive Resorts. Everything is fresh, made from scratch and locally sourced. Be prepared to be amazed at this all you can eat and drink resort, which includes room service.

Cafe Inez starts the day off right with breakfast to awaken the spirits.

-Fresh Mint Smoothies

-Mexican Breads (Pan Dulce) in chocolate or cinnamon

-Lattes & Mochas Mexicano

“The food scene has blossomed at UNICO where rotating chefs like Lula Martin are currently maximizing a multi-sensory food experience you won't want to miss.”

Mi Carisa Restaurant brings to life Italian cuisine like no other. Homemade pastas and fresh seafood blend beautifully to create lovely Mediterranean fare.

Pair it with your favorite wine from La Botella Wine Store and splurge on the Peach Crostata or Tiramisu.

What to drink you say?

There is an endless array of options when it comes to UNICO beverages.

Try the Palmera lounge for tantalizing treats. Or enjoy a handmade Mayan Mule.

What are you waiting for? Contact Amy today to book your dream vacation. 806-773-2203


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